Saturday, June 20, 2009

"Sweet Dreams" - Paul M. Nicholson - 111 N. Tioga

“Sweet Dreams” employs two 1’ by 1’ foot blocks that sparkle as if made out of sugar. On top of each cube sits a white coffee cup and saucer, drank to near the bottom. These remnants of a warm conversation remind us that a very familiar human interaction has just taken place.

Thousands of people sit down in local banks all across the country. They sip coffee with someone they’ve known for years. They share intimate details of their lives, their hopes and dreams, and plans for the future. The piece alludes ultimately to the shared risk and responsibility; it also reminds us that some of the sweetest dreams are financed more by saccharine than sugar.

The unfinished dark liquid leaves a perfect black circle in the bottom of the cup. When left on top of a pristine white cube, a transformation occurs changing the objects into to a pair of oversized dice. The resulting roll is “snake eyes”, symbolizing the ultimate losing roll.

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  1. This in the comments by "Anonymous" under another post, but it was intended for this one:

    On September 15 (2008) Lehman Brothers Inc went down in an orgy of hubris, providing a fit exhibition space for the cups of coffee on sugar cubes.