Friday, July 10, 2009

"Colonial Left" uninstalled today

111B The Commons has been rented (yay!).
Which means "Colonial Left" was taken down today (boo!).

This is the nature of the to Let program. We hope that spaces will become occupied and are glad to have the opportunity to show work in the mean time. Get a look at the current installations because you never know when they'll be gone.

Thanks to Michelle for creating a thoughtful piece - mimicking an antiques shop, a museum display and many a tacky '70's living room at the height of bicentennial mania - and questioning our relationship with colonialism. With Colonial Barbie!

Keep an eye out for new installations in empty spaces.


  1. I wondered why it was empty...such a shame to see it go so soon, but we're always happy to see another storefront occupied...The double-edged sword that is "to let."

  2. On September 15 (2008) Lehman Brothers Inc went down in an orgy of hubris, providing a fit exhibition space for the cups of coffee on sugar cubes.

  3. Thanks Carrrie and WR for inviting me to put up Colonial Left in the left part of the building with the words 'Colonial House' in bold black across the front. What a curious architectural site! I hope that those who saw it began to think about the many Colonial objects that fill our lives and homes... and maybe a wee bit about what that might mean!