Saturday, July 4, 2009

to Let opening

Thanks to everyone that came out for the to Let opening yesterday! Please let us know what you think of the installations by commenting on the posts. Or ask an artist a question, etc.

Here are some photos from last night. Many thanks to two of our fantastic interns, Mollie Miller and Elaine Oh, who gave the walking tours.

Lindsey Glover had open studio hours at The Flower Shop, the evolving phenomena behind her installation, A Plastic Garden. Last night had an impromptu music performance.

Natalie Campbell gave a talk on the taxonomy of clouds in relation to her installation, The Weather Metabulator.

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  1. KUDOS to The Working Relationship (and the Ithaca Renting Co. & Downtown Ithaca Alliance) for creating a fresh avenue for contemporary/conceptual art in Ithaca. I have participated in the local art scene for many years while moving in and out of the area, in part, due to the need for more substantial connection to such approaches in my field. The recent “To Let” tour substantiated my belief in the mission of TWR as a worthy addition to the cultural climate of Ithaca and of upstate New York. I encourage people to connect with these endeavors. The individual artworks may, or may not be, to one’s personal taste but their presence creates an important connection to the ever-expanding world of art and opportunities to experience it.